Walk into the frame!

Just walk into the frame!

This is what I often say when I spot a nice scene but would love to have a person in the picture. Usually, this gives the extra push to a photo to be an interesting one, as a nice background alone often simply doesn’t hit the edge.

Although these shoots were set up, I do like them a lot and eventually, this is what matters…

Iron factory (digital)

These are the digital shoots from the same location in the previous post. Although this post was not intended as a camera review I can not avoid to write a few lines about the camera I used.
This was my Ricoh GR Digital compact camera which is a good old friend of mine.  I carry it since (I think) 2007 and I still use frequently. It has a fix F2.4/f =5.9mm wide angle (28mm equivalent) lens which is great for street, travel and building photography. I love it because of it’s build quality, pocket size, excellent lens, raw output, manual controls and high level customization options. Also it looks quite retro which suits me a lot. Because of the manual controls and possibility of different light metering methods (evaluation, center weighted and spot) I often use it as light meter when shooting film. It also provides a very decent macro performance. The only disadvantage is the tiny sensor but well this is a compact. On the other hand the files don’t show signs of noise reduction what I very much appreciate. because I prefer to filter out noise by myself if I wish so while the original files are retaining way more detail than usual compacts.

That’s all about this camera for now.  I may write a separate post dedicated to the GR Digital one day.  I hope you like the pictures.

Iron factory

Coupe of months ago I had got a chance to join to a photo tour into an abandoned iron factory. I had no idea what to expect, I only visited one building before to play paintball.

So I grabbed my “grown on steroids” SLR camera (the medium format Pentacon Six TL and), a few lenses (180mm Sonar, 80mm Biometar and 50mm Flectagon) and 2 rolls of slightly expired Fuji Reala ISO 100. Yes, my bag was pretty heavy, but who cares, the quality worth this price for me. Despite my expectations the weather turned good and I could shoot the slow speed film and the sight was even more amazing than I could imagine. I also toke some digital shoots as well. But since those come from my GR Digital compact camera (and nowadays light meter) they are so different, I decided to not to mix with the 6×6 images. They will be published in the next post probably.

The Tree project

A tree for me (and I believe for most of us) is a symbol of a couple of things such as life, constancy, yet cyclic renewal and for some reason wisdom. I have no any tree fetish, before you would think this further…

The crust of an old tree could tell a story of life-times and could be as expressive as a wrinkled portrait of an old man. Therefore I did this experiment of taking portraits of old trees, to see what effect and emotions could such photos trigger.
I also often wonder how it would be like to be a tree. Not completely of course, but would be great to see that limited fraction of space trough that extended window of time with but with human senses of perception. But I guess this will be another project to map this idea into pictures.