Iron factory

Coupe of months ago I had got a chance to join to a photo tour into an abandoned iron factory. I had no idea what to expect, I only visited one building before to play paintball.

So I grabbed my “grown on steroids” SLR camera (the medium format Pentacon Six TL and), a few lenses (180mm Sonar, 80mm Biometar and 50mm Flectagon) and 2 rolls of slightly expired Fuji Reala ISO 100. Yes, my bag was pretty heavy, but who cares, the quality worth this price for me. Despite my expectations the weather turned good and I could shoot the slow speed film and the sight was even more amazing than I could imagine. I also toke some digital shoots as well. But since those come from my GR Digital compact camera (and nowadays light meter) they are so different, I decided to not to mix with the 6×6 images. They will be published in the next post probably.

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