Iron factory (digital)

These are the digital shoots from the same location in the previous post. Although this post was not intended as a camera review I can not avoid to write a few lines about the camera I used.
This was my Ricoh GR Digital compact camera which is a good old friend of mine.  I carry it since (I think) 2007 and I still use frequently. It has a fix F2.4/f =5.9mm wide angle (28mm equivalent) lens which is great for street, travel and building photography. I love it because of it’s build quality, pocket size, excellent lens, raw output, manual controls and high level customization options. Also it looks quite retro which suits me a lot. Because of the manual controls and possibility of different light metering methods (evaluation, center weighted and spot) I often use it as light meter when shooting film. It also provides a very decent macro performance. The only disadvantage is the tiny sensor but well this is a compact. On the other hand the files don’t show signs of noise reduction what I very much appreciate. because I prefer to filter out noise by myself if I wish so while the original files are retaining way more detail than usual compacts.

That’s all about this camera for now.  I may write a separate post dedicated to the GR Digital one day.  I hope you like the pictures.

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