November is certainly not my favorite month, at least not in Hungary. I am not a huge fun of the cold muddy weather, short days and dying nature. Unless it is in a post apocalyptic SCIFI or zombie movie and I am in a warm comfortable place. But I have to admit sometimes this month could give us some really great atmospheres.

In Hungary lots of people have some small piece of field as a hobby garden where they produce vegetables, fruits during the summer or having grape for self produced wine. Unfortunately recently many of these small parcels are being abandoned and filled with weed. This is really a pitty in my opinion since the new generations will completely forget the knowledge and the joy of producing something like this. This is a strange feeling to see such places especially at this part of the year. So I toke the opportunity of having some sunshine and I tried to catch the combination of the abandoned gardens and the slowly dying vegetation of November preparing for the winter.

I have used the Yashica TL Super with the Hansa 35mm f/2.8 lens which came in kit with the Yashica and supposed to be an excellent glass. In fact it is really a nice lens, there is only some vignetting what I could mention. But since I like this effect I add some extra corner darkening and some more retro look. Also this was the first time when I tried the DM Paradise 400 film (first 2 images). I have to say, it is an affordable solution and has great colours when using around sunset. Being a relatively high speed film it is a bit grainy, but in exchange I could use it in interiors quite well. The photo with the gloves is on Fuji superia 200 which is my most used color film for the reason it is the easiest to get here.

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