The Jakominiplatz is one of the most important public transport centers of Graz. Tram lines meet here as well as it is the starting point of many local and medium distance bus lines. It is indeed a very busy, sometimes seemingly chaotic, ever changing colorful place. So many interesting and not to mention very different people are mixed here in this relatively small parcel of space that the Jakominiplatz is truly is a photographic goldmine. The combination of the crowd with the wide variety of heavy vehicles and infrastructure makes it an ideal location for street photography, portraiture or even abstract architectural shoots.

I am one of the daily passengers. Sometimes I pass by more than once a day and of course I always have some kind (mostly different) camera with me. It was inevitable that eventually I will end up with a nice collection of images taken here using a wide range of equipment under different light conditions and in many distinct styles.

I have captured the greenish mist of  winter nights painted by the army of mercury street lamps on heavily expired film as well as using a digital pinhole camera, I have played with the strong shadows cast by the pylons and with the perspectives of the tracks in strong back-light. I have taken sneaky street photos with a digital compact and I toke some nice medium format portraits here. I find it fascinating that every time I pass by here something is different and there is always a new perspective to explore. In addition it is really fun to see how much impact the particular camera/lens has on the end result even under otherwise similar circumstances.

I think that at the end of the day I found myself in an experiment which I have not planned through or intended to do at the beginning at all. An experiment to prove that the photographer’s choice of the tool does matter even though this is not the only factor. Furthermore to show how much inspiration can be found in ordinary places which we visit every single day and therefore tend to ignore. I hope that my pictures will encourage some of you to explore your own Jakominiplatz.

4 thoughts on “Jakominiplatz”

  1. Some great shots here but what I really like and what makes you stand out for me is what you write to accompany the pix. We seem to have a lot in common (though your cameras are perhaps in better condition than most of mine) and we could probably talk for a fortnight (or more) if we ever met. I have two quite distinct photographic interests: first, making photographs; second, the fascinating engineering in the classics. I have in the past done as you do and taken a different camera out each time; now, as I said in my latest post, I’ve decided to use just one for a period (first up being the Contax AX) – maybe for a month – then change to another; I’m undecided whether next will be another SLR or a rangefinder.

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    1. Thank you Roger. I am very happy to read that you enjoy reading my work, This is really big compliment especially from you. Looking at your blogs, I also think that we could share some thoughts next to a beer or coffee.
      I also try to reduce the working collection of mine, but this is really really though to do. But I think I would benefit from changing camera less frequently and learn all the tricks of each of them before I pick another one. The Contax AX looks very appealing to me, especially because the lenses. But I am making a break with electronic cameras for a while. The break down of my Olympus OM4 made me very careful with them. On the other hand I am probably won’t be able to resist for too long. Now I am shooting with my Leica M2, Zenit 3M and Pentacon Six TL.
      In any case, thanks for the encouraging comment and I hope to see your opinion also in the future on my blog.
      Also I am curious to see what do you do with your gorgious Contax an lenses.


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